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Our Family

Our Family

Ok, I’m looking to run something by you guys; it’s a poem I wrote for my mum for Mother’s Day. I just want to get some opinions and see what people think. Hope you like it 🙂

A snapshot of  you-

Sit down for a moment and open the photo album of your motherhood

The first page is a picture of you, wearing big, comfy pants with an elasticated waistband

You’re standing with one hand on your tummy, smiling proudly

The second page is a picture of you with a tiny baby in your arms

She is pink and squishy-looking, and you are beaming

The next few pages are littered with hectic pictures:

First bottles, colourful babygrows, friends and family visiting us

Then we move from the white hospital to our new home

The pictures taken show toys scattered everywhere, endless nappies in the bin,

You look tired, like you haven’t slept in two years, but you are still so happy

All of a sudden you are back in stretchy pants and luminous patterned tops again

You tell the little girl that she is getting a little brother

She secretly plots his downfall

Until she sees the new pink and squishy blob

And then she wants only to hold him and play with him

There are pictures of you with both of us on your lap

Stuck between a rock and a hard place; who would be your favourite

But you were more diplomatic than that

You loved us both equally

Even when we drove you mad

When we made a mess where you had just cleaned- you loved us

When we woke you every hour on the hour in the middle of the night- you loved us

When we wouldn’t eat what you put in front of us- you complained, but you loved us

The pictures of our childhood are a wonderful adventure

Of planes and foreign lands

Of cars and a land more familiar

Of beaches and sticky ice-creams that went everywhere but in our mouths

For every place we went, you brought us there safely

You put up with are we there yets and I’m hungrys

Even though you probably wanted to turn around and say-

Yes, well I’m hungry too and I want to fall asleep in the back, but I can’t…

You never did

You gave us everything instead

New bikes, dolls, trucks, marbles, skipping ropes, a swings and a slide

And when we got older and the wish-list got longer and more expensive

You gave us everything still, and more

The best clothes, perfumes, musical instruments which we couldn’t play, gadgets and gismos

The lot

The photo album captures the moments we didn’t even know were there

You worrying when we were late back

You frustrated when we wouldn’t do what you said, even though you were always right

You watching over us when we slept

Of course there are pages of tantrums and fights and arguments

Of sulking faces and slamming doors, when things didn’t go our way

But there are pages too of uncontrollable laughter, so much that we cried

Pages covered with happy memories and smiles and that warm feeling in your tummy

Dinners we’ve shared together, crosswords we’ve done, car journeys we’ve taken with one another

That passed in no time due to the fun we had on the way

The photo album is bursting with pictures of you and of the three of us- your family and greatest fans

It is far from finished yet; there are still countless blank pages waiting to be filled

With pictures of exams and graduations, travel and study, work and play, holidays and birthdays,

Christmases and New Years’ gatherings, smiles and tears

But flicking through everything so far, our hearts are so grateful and proud

That we get to call you mum.


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