Fluffy blankets here I come!

Fluffy blankets here I come!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: I’m sick.

I thought I had a sore throat when I was coming back from Ireland, but I was kind of hoping it was just the air from the plane being dry and full of other people’s germs, as it usually is. Maybe that’s where I caught this cold from actually… damn other people!
Anyhoo, I’m sneezing now like there’s no tomorrow and I have to do a big *sniff* in to try and breathe roughly every five seconds, which I know is probably driving my work colleagues demented (sorry guys!) but I need to breathe and when I breathe through my mouth I look like I’m trying to impersonate a bubble fish. No lie.
So, what I’m looking for are some quick and effective ways to beat the cold out of my system. Whether it’s food/drinks that help, something I can take, or even a chant to the Medical God- I’m willing to give anything a shot!

Thanks in advance for any help you might have,


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