The little things


Ok, so I’ve just realised that my blog has gone seriously off target! The aim was to write a language blog (hence the title) about my language experiences in Germany. I stayed true to this aim for about 11 of my current 20 blog-posts. That means that 9 of these posts have strayed into topics not previously designated for them.
At first I was disappointed with myself for having lost focus so early in my blogging career. However I have now accepted that a part of me will always have to come through in my posts, and so I am now content to write some (but not all) of my posts about languages and language-learning etc., and some (but not all) of my posts about life in general. I figure it’s a happy medium for my little blog.
Anyway, today’s post will be a life-related one. As some of you may know (those of you diligent enough to follow my blog- I appreciate it, you guys!), I visited home last weekend. For me, Ireland is home. I was only back for 3 and a bit days, but it was brilliant! Seeing my family again and getting to spend time with my boyfriend was fantastic. I was suddenly aware of how awesome the little things were: the fact that my family do the crossword in the Sunday paper together on a Sunday evening; the way me and my boyfriend get smoothies when we go into town on a Saturday and usually end up swapping flavours; and everything else in between, from particular foods you can always find in our fridge, to the smell of mum’s dinners cooking (yum!).
I really enjoyed spending some downtime with the people who mean the most to me, in the country that I adore. I’m curious now as to where home is for anyone reading this blog, and what makes it so special for you? Leave any comments below telling me about where you feel most at home 🙂
For now, hugs xo


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  1. Zyriacus
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 17:04:43

    No problem at all, Just set up a different cathegory for the non-language posts so they are easily to discern.
    Well, what’s home to me? I was born in Saxony. grew up in Bavaria, while in the service lived in most other parts of the Bundesrepublik, built even a house near the coast, visited about 60 or so countries while being a sailor, then moved for the last 30 years to where i am now living in Northrhine-Westfalia. I felt at home in almost all these places as soon as I made friends with the people, learned a bit of the language, got used to customs and the food.


    • clairebear2013
      Mar 07, 2013 @ 09:09:26

      Ooh, different categories- that’s a smart idea! Danke! You sound like you’ve had a really interesting and well-traveled life so far; I hope to visit as many different countries as you one day!


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