37 more hours:

il_570xN_216363172_largeThe amount of time that has yet to elapse before I will arrive home. This time has to include the following activities: packing, travelling to the airport, waiting at the airport, a short flight from Nuremberg to Frankfurt, an hour and a half wait in Frankfurt and a slightly longer flight to Dublin. It also has to include today’s work, tomorrow’s work, eating, sleeping and last minute panicking/excitement overloading. When you think about it, that’s actually not that much time to do everything. But if it kills me I will get everything done and I will get home with a smile on my face and a suitcase (probably overpacked) by my side.

It’s not as easy as just going home though. You see, I am surprising my brother for his 18th birthday and so he does not know that I will be home in 37 hours (hence the surprise). This means that I must pretend I am still in Nuremberg and doing mundane Friday evening activities, when instead I am actually amidst a whirl of planes, trains and airports. This also means that I must have a story in place. Normally my family and I Skype one another in the evenings, over dinner if possible, so it feels like we’re still all together. Seeing as I will be en route to the airport tomorrow evening, I will be unable to Skype home. Do you see the pickle I am in? My brother will wonder why we are not Skpying unless there is a reason for it, and the reason is this: my internet will not be working tomorrow evening.

I know what you’re thinking- but Claire, you said in your last post that your internet isn’t working any of the time: true (and well done for reading my last post). The internet situation is as follows: there should be internet in my apartment; there is not. I am currently using the wi-fi of another inhabitant in my building, who lives two floors beneath me (don’t worry, he knows about it; he gave me the password- it’s not illegal, I swear). I have complained numerous times to my landlord, but he has chosen to ignore my complaints. As of late he is rarely present in the building, in fact he could have died and I would be unaware. Therefore I cannot throw a hissy-fit in front of him like I had planned to do. This makes me sad and angry simultaneously.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here. The point is, my internet connection is rather fickle as a result of the fact that I am using wi-fi from two floors beneath me. Therefore, it has happened before (and it will happen again tomorrow, mwahaha) that my internet has lost its signal and will not let me connect again for several hours. That is le plan to cover the fact that I will not be Skyping tomorrow evening. Now we must move on to my mother’s cover story.
My mum is going to collect me from the airport and I genuinely cannot wait for that. I will literally run to her like they do in the movies where people are reunited once again and dash to meet one another in a warm embrace. I will strive for this, but more than likely I will see her, start to run towards her, then promptly trip on my suitcase/big poofy coat and end up smack bam on the ground, my teeth rattling around in my head. I’m ever so graceful.

So mum is driving two hours up to Dublin to collect me and will then have to drive us two hours back. She will be gone ca. four hours (excellent maths right there). She has decided she will tell my brother she is going to a table quiz on the eve of his birthday to try and win him his present (she’s hilarious like that), he will roll his eyes, mumble something along the lines of “Ok, whatever, I’m going to play x-box” and thus the conundrum will be solved.

In less than 37 hours normality will be restored (well, as normal as my family can do). In less than 37 hours, I will be home.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zyriacus
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 12:50:44

    I wish you that your little ruse will work, that you will travel and arrive safely, and that you will have a real happy family reunion.


  2. kuehnetranslates
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 17:31:04

    How strange! We’re also flying back for a visit to England tomorrow evening 🙂


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