Tracking Progress

Keep on trying, despite Tutor Kitty!

Keep on trying, despite Tutor Kitty! 😛

Ok, 5 weeks into my learning journey and it’s time to take a quick moment to reflect on how my language skills are actually coming along. I’m obviously learning German, but it is important to keep track of any progress you make when learning a language.
Here’s a quick table outlining what I could say when I got here vs. what I can say now (and whether there’s actually any difference between the two!)

Where What I Could Say Then What I Can Say Now
In the bakery: *point frantically at what bread I wanted* “I’d like a lye roll please”
In cafés/restaurants: *point at what I wanted from the menu* “I’d like the hamburger please”
In my apartment block (when the washing machine won’t work and I have to ambush other inhabitants while they attempt to wash their   dirty socks): *point at washing machine and wag finger in a “this   no working” kind of way, then shrug and puppy eyes “help me?”* Something along the lines of “This no working… how I make it go washy-washy?” (may need to work on this)


In the office where I work: General greetings and very small chit-chat Greetings and slightly more chit-chat. (Sometimes I start saying something and then realize I do not know a lot of the vocabulary for what I want to say, so my thoughts are strung together with such helpful words/sounds/facial expressions as “and then”, “hmm” and awkward smiling)
In the Post Office: *hand over my slip to collect parcel, “thanks” and leave* *hand over my slip to collect parcel and leave*

NOTE! The reason I no longer say thanks to the woman who gives me my care parcels from home is because she is an utter b*tch, and   not because my language skills are actually deteriorating. I will explain her in more detail another time.

In my head: I could actually think everything I wanted to say, but I could never make my thoughts come out in the forms of words that made sense “What’s the word for -INSERT VERY BASIC WORD HERE- again?”

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